Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8/11/15 Progress

Gone is the time when you picked up the phone to call your neighbor.
Everyone is so connected all the time.
Your every activity can be monitored and put on public display at any time.
You think nothing about reporting to all your friends about what you are eating, where you are going and how you feel about just about anything.
You can be online with people from all over the earth all at one time.
With all of the advanced technology you would think there would be more about us (the afterlife).
There is more but not enough.
Each of you still worry and ponder the subject quite often.
We send you signs, show ourselves, and speak through vessels.
Yet there is much in question and not yet realized.

There is a shift coming where more will be known and realized and believed.
You will not feel so alone in your new reality.
Spirit will be a common subject to talk about and share.
You will feel right at home with all of your spiritual growth and accomplishments.
Hearing from us will be a daily activity for more than the few of you now.
Excited for the progress.
Anxious for the experience.

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