Tuesday, October 6, 2020

10/6/20 Something for You and Step Up!

 Something for You

Dig deeper to find your soul’s plan.

Don’t just be happy with doing what comes your way.

That is enough and certainly it’s there for you but there is more you could manifest into your life to do.

In your excavating if you find something that interests you, look closely at what it is.

If it fits some of your goals and you believe it’s an opportunity for growth and learning then it can be something for you.

Set an intention and line up your desires to do what it takes to attack it to you.

Get your heart involved.

You will see it begin to show up.

Pull it close and make it your new objective.

It will give you satisfaction and a challenge you desire.

We are with you.


PS- - Your imagination can be helpful when looking out beyond the usual.

It is tied to your plan.


 Step Up! 

You are doing a great job.

You are doing what is presented to you to do, for your life plan.

You are safely moving along and you are comfortable with this movement.

(Me – Don’t rock the boat, I’m just getting into the grove here.)

But there is more you could do if you are ready.

You can take the next step to discovery on your journey.

When you are ready it will be there.

It can be fulfilling more on your path and bring you to the next level.

Step up – just say yes to your heart!

We are with you.


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