Saturday, October 10, 2020

10/10/20 no new post. Enjoy the repost from 10/10/13 Be Love

Love and its experiences are the building blocks for your reality.

When you experience love, you add to who you are.
Love comes in many disguises and sometimes takes you by surprise.
Yet each has something for you to realize and gain from.
Don't ever think that you should block love and the messenger that is bringing the gift.
For unless you allow and fully experience that love you might be blocking something you need.
Love lightens the energy and lifts the spirit.
Complain if you may about your dreary day but looking for that love could bring changes your way.
There is no little love or big love, it’s all valuable and precious, non-compare.
You should love yourself and others around you every day.
Celebrate and Be Love.

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