Thursday, October 15, 2020

10/15/20 the Drama and A Gentler Side of Things

 10/15/20 The Drama

You are so loved.

All that you see, hear and feel are here for you.

They have come to help you understand the many facets of the human being.

You can learn from them without vesting into all of the drama surrounding them.

You can just see them from the human side.

Keeping your distance will allow you to not be emotional about it.

The drama is what fuels the worry, fear and pain of it.

This too shall pass.

The next drama will float in on the next wave of energy, riding on the surface of the bigger ocean.

You do not have to take every wave.

See them as they ride past and diminishing into the Sea of Life.

We are with you.


10/15/20 A Gentler Side of Things

There is so much going on around you, so much you can get yourself involved in.

Be careful what you put your energy in.

You can so easily be fueling exactly what you don’t want.

You can see and witness it without giving it your energy and allowing it to emotionally put you off balance – off your own plan.

Think of the positive, harmonious, peaceful things you want to bring into your life.

Put more energy into that.

Center your attention and surround yourself with that vibration.

You will see a gentler side of things.

We are with you.


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