Saturday, July 12, 2014

7/12/14 Becoming Older

 So lots of chances come to both your body and your conscience as you become older.
There are other lessons that apply to this time frame.
They are best suited for you as you grow older that’s why they appear now.
A young lad does not have to deal with losing his gray hair or seeing with weakening eyes.
A young girl usually does not have the hot flashes an older woman has to learn to live with.
There is a perfect order in all of life and you have different challenges to deal with at different times.
Not harder necessarily but different.
Take your time and give them your attention for you will see they come with their lessons and gifts as well.
All are necessary for growth.
Rounding third base and heading home, sure enough, but you still have much of the game left to play.
We are with you.


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