Friday, July 4, 2014

7/4/14 Trust

We speak the word trust again.
Trust again comes up because you must trust all that you believe in .
It is not right for you to change from one belief to another that you have little to no faith in.
When you are ready to have a major change in what you believe you must trust the new belief immeasurably.
Any doubt makes the transition not strong and complete.
So do your homework.
Search out all probable flaws and possibilities of misguidance before you make up your mind.
But when there is no doubt and the truth stands before you, you will know.
It will feel so true to you.
You know it in your heart, feel it in your body.
It will bring you peace.
Then the change will be lasting and peaceful and you will know.
Such a weight will be lifted and you will feel joy again.
Because it is a long awaited homecoming.


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