Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 “The Magnificent You”

The greatest mystery of life itself is how can you be spirit and human at the same time.
We easily resonate with the human part of our own being.
It is that way by design.
But the spirit part, actually the core of who you are, is more difficult to find.
You must be looking for this mysterious part at the core of everything.
Not the human ego self that is what you see at the surface.
But deeper within, you will find a part of you that is never changing, never wavering, always there.
You know this part of you. It is most familiar when you are honest with yourself.
It is the spirit of you, the eternal soul.
To know and understand this mystery unlocks you from the burden of life and death.
A challenge that takes many lifetimes to unfold.
Try at your best to take in what you can and grow in understanding.
Relate less to the physical body that ages and is only a temporary shell for
The Magnificent You” that you truly are.
You are making a difference in creating new understanding through your love and compassion.


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