Friday, February 12, 2016

2/12/16 “Advocate”

Be a witness for “death.”
There is no death so someone has to speak up and talk about the afterlife, about where we exist.
Whenever you get a chance talk it up.
Tell them all you know .
Be a witness for us.
You have to start somewhere.
For they don't even look for us unless they think it might be true.
Celebrate us.
Celebrate every sign, every communication.
We are trying so hard to let our presence be known.
You listen, so you know.
Be our advocate and spread the word.
They may look at you a little crazy at first.
But it will open the doorway to the possibility of existence.
We will do the rest.
There are so many standing in line to get validated.
You are our beacon – share the light.
Gratitude from all of us.

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