Monday, February 22, 2016

2/22/16 More Than You May Know

The passing of these loved ones that seemed to have been too early is truly something more.
They have graciously chosen this to accomplish more than you may know.
The effects of their passing have brought many together for cause and concern.
Together you have helped raise the level of consciousness and understanding.
Your search for truth has surpassed the bonds of the earth and reached into the heavens.
There you have found connectedness and the meaning of eternal love.
You miss their physical presence and that is felt for sure.
But in acknowledging their spiritual existence you've given them a voice by which they still speak.
  • Continuing to speak and show you of the glory that lies ahead.
  • Stifling any doubt or fear that you once all but dread.
  • Uniting all of you in hope and empowering your own sense of wonder.
  • Completing the ring of oneness and everlasting love.
  • Rest in peace in knowing that there is more to come.
They (We) are still close, touching you everyday.
Genitally lifting your heart.
Taking away the dread and sadness.
So joy and love can shine through you once more.

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