Monday, February 8, 2016

2/8/16 Anxiety

Well here you are sitting here quiet physically but your insides are going a little crazy.
Lots and lots of things going on around you are making you anxious.
The weather, your health, and “death “ of people you know.
Most of these things are not necessarily something you have any control over so you must learn to not let it upset you so.
The weather is doing exactly what it needs to do for the balance of the environment.
Just allow it to deepen your sense of wonder.
Your health is basically the aging process of the physical body.
No sense of awareness will change this.
Just allow it to again heighten your sense of awareness and wonder.
Finding out about the “death” of the physical body of people you know is going to become an occasional thing the older you get.
It is an opportunity for you to heighten your awareness and wonder.
You will learn a lot that will help you process these things.
Each time you will learn more and more of the process that is going on.
Be gentle with yourself and accept these times of opportunity for growth and greater understanding.
Deep breaths and time to quiet the mind will help relieve anxiety.
You feel better already.

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