Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29/16 no new post . Post from 2014 If You Want To Be Someone Else, Change Your Mind. ( from Sister Hazel song "Change Your Mind")

The solution to every problem is not what you want or at least not what you think you want.
Never the less, the solution is still there whether you take it or not.
What you choose to do as a solution is still your free will.
It really comes down to that.
But it takes a lot of courage and strength to follow through.
Nothing is that easy.
If you want to be someone else, change your mind ( from Sister Hazel song ) to change your life.
Grace and guidance are most certainly provided.
You must ask and be ready.
Don't worry about any one else. This is about you and freedom.
You will be supported and loved.
Get the message. It is there for you.

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