Tuesday, November 10, 2020

11/10/20 Medicine for Relief and An Example

 11/10/20 Medicine for Relief

Listen to the signs the body is giving you.

The pain it is displaying comes from the inflammation in that area.

There are many things causing this inflammation.

Some are overuse, misuse or food.

But others can be from the anger and hate you are sheltering with in your body.

Anger and hate are foreign energies to your physical body and it is trying to expel them.

Take a close look at what energy you are harboring inside.

Let go and allow balance to return.

Peace, love and happiness are the medicine for relief.

We are with you.



11/10/20 An Example

Peace, love and happiness, a mantra for peaceful living.

All it takes is the making the right choices.

Let your heart show you the way.

It’s easier and has greater benefits.

After all there is not much else you can take with you.

Be an example to others to follow –

We are with you.


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