Thursday, November 19, 2020

11/19/20 Eliminate Your Fear

Fear is an illusion that you are creating when you are thinking about something that is not real.

You are thinking about something that is not in existence at that point and the experience is only a possibility at that time.
The situation that you create in your mind is what you fear.
Just thinking about it, with all of the details, is creating the situation that you don’t want – that you fear.
You’ve conditioned your own nature to do this.
Stop putting these situations into play in your thoughts, in your mind.
Truly learning from this and making it your practice will help you to eliminate your fear.
We are with you.
*** At this point, you’ve got to trust your path, the Universe, God, your angels, your guides, and truly your Higher Self to bring you only what is truly right for you in divine order.

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