Wednesday, November 11, 2020

11/11/20 Seek Balance and re post from 11/11/14 Touching Many Lives


11/11/20 Seek Balance

There is still anger and fear out there.

It is causing the violence and demonstrations taking place.

It will have an impact on your life but only one that you allow - the energy you give it.

It is there, their threats and demands are causing more unrest.

Stay calm and do not all to the chaos

Find peaceful resolutions to whatever you are involved in.

Seek balance. More will benefit by your effort.

We are with you.


11/11/14 Touching Many Lives


Much of the experiences that you have in life, especially the ones you go over and over again,

are there for a reason?

There is something that you must need to learn.

Look at it from a higher perspective to find the lesson.

(Her or His life was so precious and touched hundreds of lives.

Now it may be able to touch thousands, a million perhaps.)

Allow it to happen just as it is because it has a higher meaning than even the one that you know.

Be humble and grateful to be part of this experience.

All that will follow are byproducts of your love and help to others.


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