Tuesday, November 24, 2020

11/24/20 Trust Yourself and Precaution

 Many times, you are faced with decisions and you have a “gut” feeling one way or another.

That “gut “feeling is your guidance speaking to you.

If you know what direction it is pointing you in, follow it – trust yourself.

It is something you need to do in your life.

We are with you.


Looking back can you remember some of those very same decisions that were so very clear.



For now, take every precaution you can when stepping out into the world.

It is to protect yourself and others from illness and disease.

Too much, too many are still being thoughtless and careless.

There is still the problem (the illness, the virus) being contracted by contact and carelessness.

Be considerate of the others around you and be safe.

We are with you.


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