Saturday, November 28, 2020

11/28/20 “Hello”

We are the deceased loved ones of all of you.

We’ve come here to say “Hello”.

It is a special time of the year, where you need to be happy and full of cheer.

But many of you are sad missing all of us there.

But we are there, we are with you.

We send you signs, like butterflies and eagles and such.

And still you don’t believe.

Believe in us like you believed in Santa.

Unconditionally, without a doubt he is real too.

Be like little children.

Let us fill you with hope and wonder.

Allow this season to bring you love and peace and joy.

We are with you, so very near.

Lift your heart up and breathe a little easier.

All else will become lighter too.

Look for the playful signs that make you smile.

Our love is strong, our love is true.

We are with you today and every day.


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