Friday, November 13, 2020

11/13/20 Loving Kindness and Extend Love

Today’s message is about loving kindness, the practice of loving kindness in today’s world,

outside of your home, not within your family, the act of loving kindness to more or less strangers.

Most of you aren’t leaving your house as much but you can still participate in this exercise.

There are ways you can pick a person to receive your gift.

When the time comes, the action of giving loving kindness to the person you choose will be coming from the heart.

It will be filled with the energy of love that you want to extend.

It will be an act of kindness that you think they will need or appreciate.

It may be something that they do not expect,

      coming from your heart to their heart – a loving connection.

Raising the vibration and extending the outpour of love.

We are with you.



 Extend Love


Think outside of your normal routine, which has been more limited in recent time.

Think of those who may be struggling now.

Extend a gift of loving kindness their way.

Even a prayer or sending them healing energy.

Those thoughts and acts of kindness will help them but also help to balance the energy around your society, your own community.

This is what is needed.

Focus on the love, on the peace, on the good.

Others will feel it and want to extend love themselves as well.

Open your heart, project love, peace and happiness.

We are with you.


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