Friday, October 11, 2013

10/11/13 Personal Encounters

All relations and personal encounters you make in your life are there for a reason.
There are no coincidences –none.
Each encounter is a planned stop along the way.
There is a personal exchange, small or large, that is to be done in order to complete the mission.
Lessons and messages about your life are there if you are aware.
It is for both of your benefit that the meeting has taken place.
Not only you can decide how the information there will be used.
Pay attention, be aware of the part of the incident that reflects an aspect of you.

The more you are aware, looking at how it relates to your current situation and struggles, the more you will gain from this exchange.
It is not just the two of you that are benefiting.
Scores of others will all reap the rewards as the effect of your meeting trickles down to others.
Information and energy in the form of thoughts, words, ideas, and wisdom are the gift that are exchanged.
Cherish these impromptu meetings, each encounter (good or bad), as a learning experience and gain all that you can.
There really is no waste of time.
All has greater meaning if you perceive.


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