Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29/13 Breathe in Peace.

Sit quietly relaxing all of your body.
Relax you face muscles.
Relax your arms
Let you shoulders fall. Hands releasing.
Feet flat on the floor in a comfortable place.
Now, breathe in slowly through the nose allowing the energy to enter with ease.
Hold it for a while. You can feel it expanding your lungs.
Now be conscious of it flowing to the other parts of you body,
Imagine the new life energy giving vitality you need to your head, stomach, arms and legs.
With the exhale release all the stress and worry you are carrying around with you.
As you breathe and relax, also let this breath and energy relax your thoughts and mind.
Only allow the thoughts of breathing and relaxing enter your consciousness.
All else gets exhaled with the breath.
Do this for a few minutes everyday and you will feel at peace with yourself.
More ready for anything that comes.


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