Saturday, October 12, 2013

10/12/13 Honesty

Honesty should be held high in your life.
As a small child, you were born to be honest with yourself and others.
It is only through fear, judgment, and rejection that you have learned to taint your story.
Soon you were not sure what was true and what was only wanted to be true.
So how do you get back to the truth of who you are and be honest with yourself and others?
It takes a deep reflection on how you feel about yourself.
You have to let go of the past...all of it, and build a new you from who you are today.
Trust that who you are is who you are supposed to be.
Love and acceptance is all around you.
The right energies and relationships will be attracted to you because you are honest about yourself.
You will find it so much easier to be honest about who you are then struggling to be who they wanted you to be.
It will take practice but every time you choose honesty about who you are you will feel growth.
You will stand a little taller and you energies will be stronger too.
Start today, find ways to be honest in every way.


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