Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/26/13 Conscious Choices

You sit in a world of duality.
Everything is either one thing or another.
It is either black or white, big or small, on or off, in or out, right or wrong.
But the truth is they are all the same- there is nothing right or wrong.
It's only that you have perceived it from the history of your remembrance.
You are here to experience these things in order to learn and make the choice that best serves you.
Choices are made every moment of your day.
You are making conscious judgments and choices.
The awakened conscious choice would be made from the heart not the ego mind.
Make this choice with loving care, the one that will best serve all beings.
The future depends on the choices that you make.
Time is now, start to pick the best thing.
Each time you do you strengthen the consciousness about love, oneness and hope.
Stand together as one, not separate in your needs and wants.
This is where the biggest difference will be made and felt.


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