Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10/1/13 Unique Experiences

All the things that you are here to experience are unique to your own needs.
Whether you come as a male or female, it doesn’t matter to who you truly are.
It is because of the unique experiences that you have planned to take.
While you are here, you identify with the characteristics of the male or female but truly you are larger than both.
Knowing this and understanding this may help you have respect and honor the other.
You have seen that side and dealt with those challenges before.
It is in cooperation that the fullness of life experiences have been worked out.
There is room for many possibilities.
Combinations of relationships are countless.
What you must know and respect is that each are here to learn and grow through choices and lessons they have chosen.
You will learn from both the differences and the similarities that you find.
Take the opportunity to see the magnificence in this plan rather that looking to be special or better than another.
You will find great joy in knowing you are all the same…..God’s light.


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