Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10/30/13 Unfolding

So what is your calling.......your destiny?
It seems a mystery at times.
You look upon your life in such small increments—days.
You barely can see beyond a few years.
But life unfolds at that rate, and so it is precisely the way you are to see it.
You answer the call one day at a time, with the precision of an artist, a master at work.
Don't worry so much about the end for destiny has a way of coming about.
Take pleasure in knowing that you are preceding quite well.
You are doing your part, even it you can't tell.
Trust that the glory of it all will be known .
And you will be quite pleased and honored as well.
Each part has a purpose in the grand plan ahead.
You are one of the participants, that we can tell.
Sit still, relax and breathe if you will.
It not the end.
It's continual and what you might call 'mystical' as well.


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