Thursday, January 14, 2016

1/14/16 Ask Us

There is something that we want to say.
Guidance is given when you ask for it.
You are strolling along making your own decisions, learning your lessons all on your own, not getting into too much trouble, we generally leave you alone.
That's what you are here for.
But once you've discovered that you have guides and teachers and we have a relationship things begin to change.
You may and do call upon us to help guide you.
We are then able to help you choose in the right direction.
Your journey can become more direct and less detours.
That doesn't mean less lessons.
It means you will more likely be faced with the ones you need to learn.
Most importantly, you have the wisdom to know we are here to help you and support your intuitive self.
Ask us- let us guide you.
It will put wind in you sail and you will move along quicker than before.
The course is marked, you've laid out the plans, your journey to discovery is now set in motion.
We are always with you.

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