Saturday, January 23, 2016

1/23/16 No new post today. Last year's post 1/23/16

1/23/15 Communication Open All The Way
Your loved ones are close by.
They want to communicate with you more than you know.
They see you suffering so and need you to realize they are OK and still near.
Many learn different skills to help them say “hello”.
Just the tapping on the wall is one of the easiest of all.
Sit very still. You may hear them.
Some can make objects appear and disappear at will.
You are not going crazy when you loose things for a while.
They will return them just so you know they are near.
Special coins are found here and there.
In such a clever place it can only be from them.
You know. You feel it in your heart.
Your mind and body know it too.
Just at the right moment, when you are feeling quite low, the special object will bring the “hello”.
Orbs in picture at family gatherings are the spirit's new composite of their presence.
They are so excited to show you that they are there too.
Your loved ones can also come in your dreams.
They bring hugs and kisses for you from above.
All to let you know how much you are loved.
They may even whisper something in your ear.
A special song or saying, that you will know for sure, came just as you were thinking about them and needed to hear.
All of these and more are ways your loved ones are talking to you.
Now it's your turn to.
Say their name. This brings them near.
And talk to them because they are quite near.
You won't be so sad if you stop leaving them out.
They will be there to help you whenever you say.
Keep the doorway to this communication open all the way.

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