Sunday, January 31, 2016

1/30/16 The Powerful Threes

Faith, Hope and Charity.
Faith is not what others tell you to believe in.
Faith is what you learn to trust and believe in yourself.
It is very individualize and quite often changes with new developments.
Faith is believing in something that you trust even if you can't necessarily prove it.
Hope is the vision for tomorrow.
It builds upon having faith in the now.
Looking at the changes of your growth and understanding hope sees and knows what is to come, the good that is to come.
Charity is not wasting a single thing.
If you can not use it give it to someone who needs it.
Do not waste it.
There are so many in need.
If you generously share the resources there is enough to go around.
Do not do it for the pat on the back do it because it is right and it will benefit the One,the All.

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