Monday, January 11, 2016

No new post...1/11/14 You Are All That You Are

Everything you need you already have within yourself.
It's in the remembering that this wisdom is brought forward.
It is not something new.
We are reminding you of who you are and how you need to be.
When we talk of Love and Compassion it feels natural to your heart.
Joy and Happiness already resides inside you. It just wants to be awaken.
Respect and Honesty seem second nature when you are open and free.
Your energy flows easily when these emotions are recognized and allowed.
Fear and Worry are the stumbling blocks that you sometimes allow to take form.
When you can rise above and trust who you are and why you are here they will surely fade.
Love yourself and your life.
Everything that you experience is helping you to grow.
And you are Love.
Explore, Experience and Expand.
Be not afraid .
Go now and live with all the glory that you are.
You know how.

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