Saturday, January 16, 2016

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From the time you were a small child others have been telling you what the rules to living are.
Well now is the time that you can decide which of these rules really apply.
There are so many given we are not even sure how you manage to sort them out and know one from the other.
Truly the only one that is even the slightest bit appropriate is the one about loving yourself and another.
If you understand real love and how it feels then you are set to 
follow that throughout your life.
Truly loving yourself and all others will be the right guidance to 
cover just about every situation that arises.
Allow this deep feeling to help you make the decisions in all that 
you think, say and do.
Simplify all the confusing rules that end in judgment and 
Love is the only way.
All other rules that say what you can or can not do are merely 
You must think them through.
You are to then decide what is right for you.
Have true love in your heart and follow that through.
It will bring about the result you are looking for.
Give yourself honor and love everyday.
Then it will be easy to know the right way.

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