Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/17/16 Uplifted

It is the time to weigh in with your heart.
Take a few moments to check in to your vibration – feeling around your heart.
Is there some heaviness that is just hanging on?
Bring some loving kindness, forgiveness or excitement and joy to whatever is drawing it down.
Surround your thoughts and heart with this tenderness.
Feel it lifted up a bit.
Let go of the sadness, anger, stress, frustration or pity you are dealing with by knowing “This too shall pass.”
Bring a little sunshine and a smile into your thoughts.
It will be uplifting and some peace will follow.
All of the sudden you will feel your heart area lighter – uplifted.
Now those things are changed a bit and will no longer weigh you down so much.
When you are able to help yourself feel better you can then help others to feel uplifted too.


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