Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1/27/16 The Birth Of The Message and Let It Be

1/27/16 The Birth of The Message
As you wait for the message to be there
lots and lots of random thoughts go through your conscious mind.
None of them the right message.
They are just thoughts that are answering other thoughts.
But then the birth of the message comes through.
It has a different feel to it.
It's vibration stands out from the others.
Your heart responds instantaneously.
This is the message.
This is what I am to know.
This one has value.
The thoughts flow together and wisdom is brought forth.
It means a lot to you and it may help others.
And so it is written for reuse.
The full value of this is not known until it is shared.
You know it delivers hope, joy and peace.
But it is personal and feels important, feels right.
It feels complete and ends in the blessing,

1/27/16 Let It Be
All who come to the altar will receive.
If you come in earnest you will be fulfilled.
Let it be known the truth will be shown and a new way will be proclaimed.
Gentle guidance weave through the changes.
Carrying with it the wisdom of all.
Forming a new understanding that can not be disputed.
Come with an open heart, and open mind and free will to proceed.
Come and let it be.

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