Saturday, August 1, 2020

8/1/20 Progress and (personal) And So, It Is So

The world today is making progress.
There is positive movement towards the great change.
There are still a few hurdles to go over but there has been much improvement.
Mother Earth and Nature are responding to this effort.
Some are noticing the difference in the energy of their environment.
Once there is proper adjustment made, there is no going back.
It will not and cannot be the same as before.  
Progress is forward movement.
Place your intention and thoughts on progress, on what is, what will be.
Working with this new normal will be easier for those who look at it as that.
Progress is moving forward.
Stay flexible, do not resist.
The change is for the good of all.
We are with you.

8/1/20 And So, It Is So (Personal)

Much of what is happening in your life is happening for a reason.
You are getting all of the winks and messages that we can give you.
It is now up to you to figure out what this is all about and what you need to do to change it.
How can you make it work for you instead of giving you so much grief?
There are a couple of possibilities but you need to pick what is best for you, what will bring you the result you want.
Peace will return and you will know everything you need to about what it is.
And so, it is so.
We are with you.

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