Saturday, August 29, 2020

8/29/20 The Right Choice

How do you know that you’ve made the right choice?

You’ll know, you can feel it in your body.

You’ll know when you feel completely at peace with the decision.

You might have been wavering back and forth for some time.

But once the right choice was made the back and forth was over.

This is a litmus test for the decisions that you make.

The easy ones are, well, easy.

But some of the harder ones you can put it to the test.

You’ll know when the right choice for you is there to be made.

Everything just lines up and comes together easily.

If you have to struggle to make it fit, it’s probably not the right choice.

Go back and find the one that fits.

You’ll know – the right choice is the perfect fit.

We are with you.


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