Tuesday, August 4, 2020

8/4/20 Peaceful Time and Precious Commodity

8/4/20 Peaceful Time

What could be gained in meditation?

When you sit in a quiet place and you allow yourself the time to meditate a lot can be accomplished.

There is where the conversation can be had between your physical self and your higher self.

(If this is something you might see as important, this is where it can be had.)

Your physical self could gain some interesting help on how to improve your quest during this lifetime.

With all of the distraction around, it is a great opportunity to claim some precious time and attention.

Make room for this peaceful time.

Much will be given and much will be gained.

We are with you.


8/4/20 Precious Commodity

Time is a precious commodity.

It seems like there is a lot of it right now.

But in truth, there is a limited amount.

It would afford you to not waste too much of it.

Use it wisely, value its existence.

This time can be used to advance your learning and understanding.

It can be used to fill your heart with love and joy.

Bring the important things close at hand and enjoy them.

Learn to values the things and people that you love.

We are with you.


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