Saturday, August 15, 2020

8/15/20 Endless Opportunities

If you are feeling a little non-accomplished, sit quiet and ask for some guidance.

Ask to know your plan; ask to see your progress.

Look inside, open your receptors, feel it in your heart.

How much are you reaching for a higher level of understanding?

How much do you want to learn and grow?

Are you finding the answers?

How does that make you feel?

We do not have to spell it out for you.

You can feel it in your body, in your heart.

If you are not pleased with your answers then you can do more.

Find out what is holding you back (down) and work on that.

Your opportunities for growth and learning here are endless.

Only your own belief and free will are the boundaries.

Breathe in and open the door to a new adventure.

You’ll see it’s right there always.

We are with you.


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