Monday, August 31, 2020

8/31/20 Heaven Can Wait

You don’t have to anguish about when your day of transition will be.

It is often on one’s mind.

Death, the physical one, is happening all of the time.

There are some people ready to come home daily all over the world.

It is a fact of life, here on the Earth plane.

There are births, new beginnings, and there are deaths, leaving for now.

But the time to focus on is the time you have here now.

Make it matter, make it count.

Take every opportunity to learn what you can and accomplish what you want.

Your time here matters and will make a bigger impact than you may think.

So, we say, “Heaven can wait.”

Heaven, the Spirit life, is always here, not far, right across the veil.

Fulfill all that you can while you are able to.

We are with you.


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