Sunday, August 30, 2020

8/30/20 Be at Peace

As the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, some things happen with a routine that is known to man.

 Their understanding has grown tremendously and continues to grow leaps and bounds as they witness these phenomena.

Even though it seems like chaos and things being out of control, it truly isn’t.

The natural forces are still within their natural range of their condition.

It’s the human forces that are making the biggest difference.

Their ego, their greed, their fear, that’s what is pushing the energy and forces to their limits.

And the reaction of the others is adding fuel to the fire.

Look to what you know.

Look to what is stable and grounded.

Don’t get caught in the crossfire.

Their battle is not part of your plan.

My reflection:(not of me, I lend it no energy)

Much is to be learned.

Be at Peace.

Be where you want to be and see the sun rise and set under natural conditions.

We are with you.


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