Thursday, August 20, 2020

8/20/20 The Betweens and Between Heaven and Earth


8/20/20 The Betweens

There is a place that is referred to as the betweens.

It resides just outside of the electrical pool, beyond which you can travel.

And not quite as far as the other side or spirit world.

No, you’re trying to imagine it in its physical locality but it’s not really a physical place either.

This is a place that some like to travel when they sleep, out of touch from their physical world.

It’s also a place that you can go after leaving your Earth suit but before you go into the spirit realm.

It is possible to go there for a short while and return easily to your Earth residence because you can be still attached to your body, as when you are sleeping.

Some people go there for a rest.

Some people go there just to get away from the Earthly pulls and pressures.

They come back refreshed.

It’s not something that you should be afraid of.

It is instead, a gift of sorts.

You touched on it a little today and we wanted to help you understand.

We are with you.



8/20/20 Between Heaven and Earth

A special place used for a special reason.

Not far, not out of reach.

But beyond the pull that you understand.

Another realm that some of you know.

A pleasant place that some often go.

Set aside for R and R.

Refresh and Relax, that’s needed so.

Try to understand what a gift it is before you completely put it out of your head.

We share it with you for a reason.

To help you understand your visitations.

We are with you.


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