Sunday, August 30, 2020

8/30/20 For a Reason (personal reflection)

There are many more suffering than you realize.

You are here to bear witness to the suffering around you, only to understand what human nature and nature and life bring about.

Much of the suffering is the misunderstanding about all that has happened.

You needn’t suffer, if you completely understand your role here and the choices you make in your life.

How does a child know about life and the choices that they are getting conditioned for?

Their higher self is with them and their plan includes all of that.

Some learn and break out from the conditioning while others won’t.

All are there for a reason.

Just as your childhood was there for a reason.

It helped you become who you are, today.

As you look at others, remember that they have come here for a reason and are in your life to provide your life with something that was agreed upon.

You can handle this.  Don’t give up –

 It may be for a reason you don’t completely understand yet.

But it’s God’s Plan and You Plan.

So – realize it and see it from a fresh perspective.

We are with you – always.

Be at Peace.


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