Saturday, July 10, 2021

7/10/21 Life Unfolds

Watch how life unfolds.

Watch from an open perspective.

Does each petal open with precision?

Relying on the others to keep it in line and strong.

It isn’t until a few are open that the beauty of the creation is begun to be seen.

Balance and harmony are always present, overlooking this creation.

The imperfections, so slight, seen as unique beauty in itself.

See your life as a wonderful example of natural creation, unfolding with balance and harmony.

Each experience being the petals, relying on the others to keep them in line and strong.

Together reaching outward and upward for the beauty of it all.

This continual unfoldment creates your life, unique and precise unto itself.

Look upon its glory and beauty as it continues unfolding.

We are with you.


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