Tuesday, July 20, 2021

7/20/21 Worry or Fear (personal, I guess)

You spend way too much time in your day worrying about what might happen.

This is wasted energy if what you fear is what you are worrying about.
That energy is better spent on thinking and caring about what you can do with the things you do want to happen.
You’ve heard this before.
Giving your energy to the situations that you don’t want to happen adds to the energy that it already has,
making it stronger and bringing it closer to you.
Nope to that!
Think about what you want to see and give your energy to providing love and comfort towards that.
It’s hard and seems to go against the normal human response but it will help the most.
Think and do something positive.
Focus on the best coming forward at all times!
We are with you.

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