Saturday, July 17, 2021

7/17/21 No new post today. Repost from 7/17/13 Hope and Understanding and 7/17/14 Wishes Come True

 7/17/13 Hope and Understanding

Hope and understanding can make your heart beat faster and raise your vibration allowing spirit to draw closer.

Keep an open mind and listen to the words that will bring you hope and understanding.

They are sent to you to help you on your way.

It may be difficult for you to know if you are resistant to any new ideas or beliefs.

You must be open to change and growth in your understanding of what it’s all about.

If the smallest glimmer of hope opens the door take that opportunity to grow and there will be more.

Everything is changing and growing towards the highest good allowed.

Being stuck and miserable is a choice.

So, open your heart and step outside the pain you feel today.

It doesn’t have to be your main destiny.



7/17/14 Wishes Come True

When you wish for something, it sets in motion your intent to have it.

That is the first step in the creation of that specific thing.

Once you set that intent and you feel the emotion of having it, you pull that wish even closer to you.

Stay focused, never wavering from that intention and the law of attraction will bring that wish even closer to your reality.

It may seem magical but it's part of the universal laws of attraction.

The experience you see as possible in your consciousness will be attracted to you and become part of your reality, just as you see it, whole or part, as you wished, imagined and created.

Practice this and you will be able to make more of your wishes come true.


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