Wednesday, July 7, 2021

7/7/21 The Message of Hope – Change

Things are changing.

There is change coming.

You can all feel it.

Even your animals can feel it.

It will affect many.

You will adjust to the physical change by mental changing.

Some will make the change with ease and excitement.

Others may struggle with the change but will eventually move towards it.

Change can be a good thing if you allow it to move you forward, learning along the way.

Be progressive and look for signs and help for you.

New opportunity and growth will present itself.

You will know which ones are for you.

Young ones in your society are going to see the change and readily understand its widespread impact.

There is progress and benefit to be had.

You’ll see it too.

So, allow yourself to ease into what feels best for you.

We are with you.


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