Thursday, July 1, 2021

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7/1/13 Magnificent


There are no words to describe how precious you are.

All life is made for joy and wonder.

For just a few moments treat yourself with the love and respect that you are made for.

How magnificent does that make you feel?

All things are possible and you can experience the wonder of life.

We ask you to look upon yourself as magnificent not just this moment but for the next one and the next one, for always.

Pay the same respect to your fellow man.

They are all magnificent also.

When you do not treat yourself and fellow man with this respect is when the actions and behavior go astray.

Changing the way, you look upon yourself will help you see others differently.

This new outlook will bring the peace and love you seek.




7/1/15 Relationships


Take your time to go through each day.

No time is wasted.

There are many treasures in each one.

Find where and when you can do the most good.

It may not be the easiest path but it is the most fruitful.

Avoiding all contact will not be the way.

Your life here is about love and relationships.

Some of the more difficult ones bring the lesson you may need.

Approach them with love and compassion and you will see.

You hold the gift of wisdom on your side.

Patience and compassion are the key.

All is well and at peace.




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