Tuesday, July 13, 2021

7/13/21 Life Lessons

It’s all about the lessons, especially when you see these things going on around you.

You can help them, mostly, by seeing the best outcome for them and trusting they will discover what is needed for them to learn from this experience.

It is hard to watch without wanting to interfere too much.

It is a personal journey that they are to take.

Your journey includes being able to send love and support when you can.

Much is there to learn and grow through.

We are with you.


And life is like the ripple effect created when a rock is thrown into a pond.

The ripples extend out widely and continue to move the still water around it.

You too, might feel the affect and want to know what brings it to you.

Compassion and honor are responses that can be helpful for all involved.

We are with you.


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