Saturday, July 24, 2021

7/24/21 The Blessing of Space


I continue to be amazed at the way these messages are delivered.

I hope you enjoy and share them with others. They are Words of Wisdom, for sure.


7/24/21 The Blessing of Space

The space that you already take up has been blessed.

The space of others has been blessed.


Step outside and feel the way the world feels.

Do you feel the uncertainty or do you feel a determined safe space?

The vibration you feel is one that is being created for you.


You are born into a space that has been blessed for you.

You carry that blessing with you on your journey.

It is the space around your physical body.

It has many layers, many traits.

It helps others to see and feel who you are.

It makes up your energy, your chi.

Honor and hold that space sacred as it does for you.

You walk many paths and it is there protecting you.

Be aware of your space and the space of others.

That will be enough.

We are with you.


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