Sunday, July 11, 2021

7/11/21 Looking at Life and Faith and Trust

 Looking at Life

There are always a couple different ways of looking at life.

You choose how this is done for yourself.

Some look at life and all of the opportunities and adventures one might have.

Others look with fear and hesitation at the parts that they don’t know or have never tried before.

Ask yourself which one you relate to and why?

We encourage you to trust the process, that life unfolds to beauty and joy but it has to be allowed to unfold.

Keeping it bottled up and stuck in one place restricts the unfoldment.

The love and support are there.

Open your mind and heart to trust your life – your journey.

There is so much more to do.

We are with you.


 Faith and Trust

We talk about life and your choices because that’s what you want and need to hear.

This is where you have the fear and mistrust.

You tend to live cautiously because of what has happened before.

It only takes one difficult lesson to set you back again.

During these times, you are growing and expanding but the growth is not painless.

It requires you to have faith and trust that life and love continues to be with you and surround you at all times.

You are never alone.

We are with you.


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