Friday, July 30, 2021

7/30/21 Making Adjustments and 7/30/21 New Light

 Making Adjustments 

You need to go on for a while longer, then it won’t see so unfair.

A small shadow of darkness will remain but things will brighten up.

Sadness and grief shorten your energy but are necessary at this time.

Making adjustments to the dynamic takes time and strength.

Patience and love help this to go smoothly.

You are helping immensely.

There is much to look forward to.

We are with you.


 New Light

The sunrise on the horizon will shuttle in the new light.

And with it will come the understanding and love that is needed.

This new light will spread quickly over the darkness and reveal new possibilities.

Step forward and look upon these when the time is right.

They will always be available.

Some things may look different in this new light.

Don’t shy away too quickly.

Another look will promise more.

We are with you.


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