Wednesday, July 28, 2021

7/28/21 Glimmer of Hope

And here we are, you are at a very difficult part of your journey.

You want all of this to just go away.

You don’t really want to face what has presented itself.
No one does.

You are not unique in your feelings.

But what is helping is your faith, your trust in the goodness and over-all progress that is being made.

Surely, something positive and good comes out of all of this rebel.

You have to find the diamond in the rough.

The smallest piece that could bring hope and meaning to this whole thing.

Finding it is harder when you are in so much pain.

But you are looking and that is good.  

Progress and movement will follow.

For each one needs something different.

Light will be shined upon the need.

A glimmer of hope will be seen.

Keep strong and trust your inner guidance to help you to see light.

We are with you.


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