Saturday, September 12, 2020

9/12/20 Respect and In Peace

Enough is enough is enough.

All the fighting and blaming has got to stop.

Pretty soon no one will be worthy.

Then what will you do?

It happens each time.

This time it is causing real damage and people’s lives are at risk.

Good honest people can see through it and it makes them sick.

Shake your head and wonder.

Do they really have to do this?

Don’t take part in it one way or another.

Don’t lower yourself to that level.

Have respect for yourself and integrity for all.

We are with you.



9/12/20 In Peace


We ask you to have respect for all.

When you look upon them see yourself.

For the human trait is shared by all.

What is driving these battles?

The Ego, the Greed and Fear.

These are the human traits they choose to favor.

Some let them be the drivers in their lives.

Others rely on the human traits of Truth, Trust and Love to lead their way.

Let all else go, don’t give it energy by acknowledging its existence.

It will eventually destroy itself if no other fuel is given.

Stand your ground in Peace.

We are with you,


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