Friday, September 4, 2020

9/4/20 A Visitation

A vision of your loved one, across the veil.

It’s a collection of images, all from your memory of what you’ve seen from them here.

They appear as you might recognize them to add comfort, love and joy to their visit.

But they are quite different in their spiritual place – role, only energy, no material body.

You can feel their essence and know they are close by.

Automatic eruptions of emotions are the first clue.

Then you rest in the peaceful knowing that they are with you and you can feel the love still there.

Yes, this is real, this is a real visit.

Gently, let this love and peace fill the porous holes left in your fragile frame from the deepest grief, that has robbed you of the firm structure you once had.

Fill it in.

It will give you strength until another visit you may have.

Allow the light and energy to fill your heart and bring you peace, a respite for a while.

All is well.

We are with you.


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